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Is Wendy’s Winning or Burger King Losing?

PhotobucketAll of a sudden, everyone is talking about the Burger Wars again.  Nothing’s actually changed yet—McDonald’s is still the undisputed leader of the pack, with Burger King in the number two spot.  But things are about to change.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Wendy’s is poised to knock the King off his throne. This is big news, and lots of people have theories about how it happened. A lot has been said about menu revamps: Wendy’s was both timely and well-executed, while Burger King’s lacks both cohesion and relevance, especially in terms of healthier offerings.… [Read More]

Trouble at the Top: The Leader’s Challenge

PhotobucketIf there’s trouble, look to the top.

Brand Modeling teaches us that the force most responsible for a dominant organization’s success is the enthusiastic support of its best customers. So what force is most responsible for an organization’s failure? A not-insignificant portion of the time, the answer resides at the top. The Daily Beast recently ran a feature entitled 10 Worst Corporate Boards of the Decade that highlighted some monumental leadership challenges.

It’s not an in-depth piece, but as you flip through it, you’ll see that there are certain traits exhibited by the worst leadership teams that seem to keep cropping up.  Board members are over-committed, inexperienced, and have interests and agendas in conflict with their organization’s health and success.… [Read More]

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Mythbusters Mayhem: A Branding Opportunity

PhotobucketFor most organizations, the news that the company inadvertently sent a cannonball careening out of the safe confines of the firing range and through a private home would be a nightmare. Most organizations aren’t Mythbusters. For this wildly popular Discovery Channel show, a ballistic blunder could prove to be a priceless branding opportunity.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. (This statement doesn’t include, of course, Mythbuster’s relationship with their insurance company!) Accidents and mishaps are inevitable in some businesses; productions that regularly do things like test urban legends with high-powered explosives fall squarely into that category.… [Read More]

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